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Ansley Fones

Ansley Fones

Ansley Fones is an independent graphic designer and web developer specializing in creating beautiful, custom WordPress websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs. She designed the websites for both Master the Media and Plant Based with Amy––as well as The Home Edit.

After graduating with her BA from Tufts University, Ansley discovered her most useful skill wasn’t anything she learned in school––but her knowledge of Photoshop gained from a bootleg copy of the software that a friend gave her in eighth grade.

This led her to a job at a web design and development company in her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, where she also learned to code.

Yearning for flexibility that a large company could not provide, Ansley went freelance in 2012 and never looked back.

Since then, she and her long term partner, Danny, have hopped and skipped from New York City to Seattle to Jersey City and, now, to the Catskills (perhaps for good this time).

When she’s not designing brands and websites, Ansley is pursuing way too many hobbies (or so Danny says), a few of which are gardening, woodworking, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and snuggling their two giant dogs.

Ansley is an instructor for Module 7 of the Master the Media Training & Certification. She provides expert feedback on student-designed media kits––helping you to create a media kit that is ready to share and help you monetize your media work.