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Natali Morris

Natali Morris

Natali Morris is a broadcaster, writer, and speaker. She is a contributor to CNBC and the former anchor of Code Forward on MSNBC.

Prior to Natali’s time at NBC, she was an anchor and contributor for CBS Interactive and CBS News.

She’s moderated panels and conferences for the White House and has also been featured on CNN, ABC News, G4TV, BBC, The CW, Fox News, Fox Business News, and Univision (a Spanish-language broadcast company).

Natali’s specialties include business, technology, and personal finance.

Natali’s writing has appeared in Consumer Reports, WIRED, Variety, MarketWatch, TechCrunch, The San Francisco Examiner, PC Magazine, ELLEgirl, The Oakland Tribune, and other titles. 

She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from California State University, Hayward, as well as a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Southern California. 

Prior to 2010, you may have seen her work under her maiden name, Natali Del Conte.

Natali hails from the San Francisco Bay Area and now lives just outside of New York City in a charming New Jersey train-stop town full of very inspired thinkers. She lives with her husband, Clayton, and their three children. 

You can hear from Natali in her guest lecture in the Master the Media Training & Certification Video Lesson Library.