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Kaytee Hadley, RD, gut health dietitian

November 13, 2023

Kaytee Hadley, RD, gut health dietitian

“By the end of the 6-month program, I secured $41k in brand partnerships.”

I expected my return on investment to take a long time because I had no media experience or social media following. 6 months later, I’ve already secured paid partnerships with 6 brands, including OLIPOP and NOW Foods, and I’m on track to DOUBLE last year’s income. Plus, I’m currently in talks with 9 brands. I’m getting quotes featured in more major media outlets than I could have ever dreamt of, and I’m pitching myself to TV segments and applying to freelance writing opps––I never knew how to do that before! Plus, I finally have a plan for how to leverage my social media platforms and am seeing growth there.

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