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Jonathan Jacobs

Jonathan Jacobs

Jonathan Jacobs has marketed 5 Super Bowls and put 75+ books on bestseller lists. He founded, scaled, and sold the award-winning marketing agency Digital Natives Group and is now the principal of J2 Consulting.

He has worked as a partner to Fortune 500 brands, media companies, and global sports leagues (including the National Football League), while securing accolades from organizations like the Webbys, Shortys, and Sprout Social.

Notably, he has worked with a diverse array of creators, from Fortune 500 CEOs to Academy Award-nominees to Nobel-prize winning physicians, to help develop their brand, thought leadership, and businesses, from books to products.

Let him cook, and his strategies yield masterpieces. He also runs a blog for men about the power of journaling.

Jonathan is an instructor for Modules 1, 2, and 9 of Master the Media Training & Certification. He provides expert feedback on the Master It! sheets for niching and ideal avatars––helping you to identify both a niche and an ideal customer avatar that will set you apart from the crowd and help you formulate ideas to pitch to editors and producers based on your special sauce.